Our Mission

Carbon Descent is an independent environmental consultancy and software company with the experience, expertise and commitment to create strategies and deliver solutions that measurably reduce carbon footprints, creating a sustainable and equitable future


VantagePoint is designed specifically for local and regional authorities to develop climate change mitigation strategies. A range of scenarios made up of energy generation, behaviour change, infrastructure and policy measures can be generated and compared


Carbon Descent's BluePrint software has been designed to automate and streamline the energy audit process, saving time on data collection, analysis and reporting, against a conventional paper based auditing approach.


EMD's energyTRADE software allows the user to directly control and optimise the operation of plant in real time based on weather data and energy price predictions. This can range from large scale grid connected CHP or heat pumps fed by renewable sources.


A Windows-based modelling software package from EMD International. Designed for combined techno-economic analysis and optimisation of both cogeneration and trigeneration projects as well as other types of complex energy projects.

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Latest News

energyPRO 4.5 & COMPARE module released

29 November, 2017

energyPRO Compare module released

At last it’s here. Something everyone has been asking for. Away within energyPRO of comparing multiple alternatives against a base case: the COMPARE Module. To show you what it can do I’ve made a 10minute video taking you quickly through the functionality: Click here to view

Training Courses

New energyPRO training courses announced for 2018

29 November, 2017

energyPRO training courses for 2018

8/9 March
7/8 June
12/13 September

Venue: Energy Institute, London

Latest Blog Entries

Batteries vs Thermal Stores

21 November 2017

Assisting one of our energyPRO users modelling a newbuild multi-residential district heating project where the scheme includes PV, a ground source heat pump, electric batteries and a thermal store brought into sharp focus for me the relative cost benefits of thermal storage vs electric...

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